The C.O.R.E – Community Outreach for Restoration and Empowerment a 501c3 non for profit organization, has been formed from a desire to improve the lives of the individuals and families within our communities.  To the persons that are working within this organization, the spirit of servitude, is something that has been a part of them for a long time.  As a collective group we have been involved in community outreach programs for more than 25 years.  Our roots are founded in a Church community in Northwest Indiana.  There we were able to serve the community with programs such as; child and safety, food pantry, self-enrichment courses, GED programs, tutoring, shelter, and many other areas of service. We have been able to witness how many of those who were served are now in a position to serve others.  This is our greatest satisfaction.

Since our move to Central Florida five years ago, this work continues to be central to our vision.  We have continued to work within the community offering many of the services that were offered in the state of Indiana.   In addition, realizing that every area in some special way has their own need we have adjusted our program in order to best fit the community we now serve. Our goal at the C.O.R.E. is to continue to add to the services offered as the resources are available to meet the needs.

Our hope is to be a full service center where the individuals and their families can be empowered to become more productive in our society.  We are not only interested in restoring the individual, but we also want to empower them to reach more than perhaps they thought was possible.  In order to accomplish this, our approach will be “holistic” in nature.  We will strive to restore and empower the individuals, emotionally, physically, in their education, and spiritually; realizing that a healthy community is composed of healthy families, which are composed of healthy individuals.


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